Kellie and Randi gave me the spark I needed to start making smart food choices for me and my family. We live in a country that does not guard us against foods with harmful chemicals. It is up to us to seek options to better ourselves and to build a foundation for our children.

Seeds of Wellness guided me through a detox program in February 2013. The program was challenging, to say the least, but so rewarding. They made it easier on me by providing recipes, tips, research and encouragement on a daily basis.

Since the detox, I have continued to live on this path of choosing healthy and fresh foods over chemical laden processed foods. It has been so rewarding. I no longer have sugar spikes, my focus is better and I sleep better at night. I feel great. This diet change, along with regular exercise, has truly helped me to be a better mother, wife and helps me stay focused during my work hours. The changes recommended by Kellie and Randi have helped me to prioritize and balance my life. Thank you so much, Kellie and Randi, for having the drive to educate others on options for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

~ Dawn Curtis


I was very pleased with the support and encouragement Seeds of Wellness provided while I participated in their detox program. Randi and Kellie were quick to answer my questions, they provided delicious and easy recipes, and they shared thought-provoking articles.

The detox program was a powerful experience for me. I have now asked them to work with me on changing my entire family’s food choices. I look forward to working with them in further wellness capacities.

~ Katie Helton


I found Randi and Kellie with Seeds of Wellness to be very helpful during my detox. They shared lots of easy recipes, grocery lists for the week and snack suggestions. They checked in on us often to see how we were doing and whether we had any questions or issues.

I did have issues and Randi helped me adapt the program to my personal needs, as I needed more nutrient dense carbs that aren’t necessarily included in the standard detox program. It’s nice to have personal instruction, since our bodies and our daily lives are vastly different. She also directed me to some good websites to locate local and organic products where I live, since I had recently moved to a different state.

To top it off, I came down with bad case of strep throat while on the detox (and while snowed in) and she advised me on which vitamins might be helpful in fighting off sickness, since I couldn’t get to a doctor. Because of their help and willingness to answer any and all questions, I was successful in completing the program, when otherwise I probably would have given up at the first problem that arose.

~ Ashley Pittman