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We have some exciting news!  After a brainstorming session with Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness, and the opportunity to be coached by Jim Harmer of Income School and John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire, Seeds of Wellness has decided to enter into the world of podcasting! Based on the feedback we received from these highly successful entrepreneurs, lots of changes will be coming, including our name and look.  Our show will be called the Clean Living Revolution: Clean Living From the Dirty South.  We will be interviewing experts on a variety of health and wellness subjects including nutrition, fitness, and spiritual and relational health among other things.  Our desire is to bring our message to a larger audience and what better way to do that than through a podcast!

Please listen to our interview in iTunes here:  John Lee Dumas’ Coaching Call With 2 New Podcasters, Episode #2

or on the Income School Website: John Lee Dumas’ Coaching Call With 2 New Podcasters


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Be The Best Version of You

We had such a tremendous response for our first 28-day program that we have decided to offer it one more time at the discounted price!

So, here’s the scoop…

For the past several months, we have been researching and designing programs to help stressed out, busy women learn to develop a lifestyle that is more effective, peaceful, balanced, and fruitful. After many combined years of experience and research in habit change, psychology, the medical community, and nutrition, we’ve realized that it’s time to turn this research into practical knowledge for the real world. (AKA skills you can use in your everyday life that help you focus more, stress less, and feel more joy!) So… we are officially launching a unique program to help you get there!

Here’s a little taste of what you will be learning about and addressing in your own life if you decide to join us….

1. Physical Health- providing the proper balance of good quality nutrition and movement. Most people are deficient in multiple areas, which results in one form or another of dis-ease. Getting what we need improves everything from sleep to your mood and also boosts your immune system so you won’t get sick as often.

2. Social Health – 90% of our thoughts are about our relationship to others. Cultivating a healthy give-and-take between ourselves and the people in our lives is essential. Unresolved conflict and disconnection are huge contributors to stress. Through this program you will learn a techniques that will increase your patience and your ability to not sweat the small stuff, so that you will in turn have more mental energy to spend quality time with those you love most.

3. Spiritual Health – Our spiritual lives are foundational or the core part of who we are. When this part of ourselves is “out of whack”, we lack peace, feel stressed, and are more prone to illness. Together we will learn to quiet our minds so that we can experience more peace and joy.

4. Habit Change – Many of us know what to do, we just don’t do it! We believe that learning how to effectively make changes that stick is also a critical part of becoming healthier and leading a more effective life! We will teach you how to change bad habits for good!

Here’s what we’ve got for you….

In these sessions, you’ll discover: How to safely detox from unhealthy and processed foods, how to beat cravings, how to eat to boost your mood, lose weight, improve your immune function, decrease stress, increase energy and sleep better!

You will learn an easy fitness routine that you can do in 15-20 min in your own home! You will receive weekly education, recipes, fitness goals, and complimentary essential oils.

You will learn how to change habits for good!

We are extending our early bird special one last time! If you sign up by February 14, you will receive the early bird price of $97 ($100 off the full price!) or if you enroll with a friend, $147 for both of you!!

Classes will meet on Monday evenings at Spa Auburn at 6:30 for four weeks starting February 17. We only have a six spots left so don’t delay! We look forward to the opportunity to support you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. And share with any friends who may be interested.
Email us to claim your spot!

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Thankful_quoteGrat –i-tude (noun): a feeling of appreciation or thanks; the state of being grateful

Here at SOW, part of our mission is to help stressed out, overwhelmed, frazzled women and mommies become more balanced, live more peaceful and fruitful lives, and thrive! Because we, too, struggle here, we have been reading a wonderful book about gratitude by Ann Voskamp, entitled, “One Thousand Gifts.” In short, she discusses the tendency for the human brain to be bent toward discontentedness, dissatisfaction, to always think the grass is greener somewhere else – to do that thing we do where we say “well once I get this house, this promotion, get this debt paid, get my child out of college, get this sickness gone, get a new job, get rid of this annoying co-worker, lose this weight, etc…then, I will be able to be happy, then I can rest, then things will be good.”

And yet there is ALWAYS one more thing that needs to be in place, to be fixed, to be gone…one more thing that needs to be more or better or different in some way. We chase, we strive, we problem-solve, we try to control and predict and fix, and yet contentedness and peace continue to elude us.

Ann Voskamp challenges us to begin to live more fully in the present (versus worrying about the future or ruminating about the past), to become more grateful human beings, more at peace, more aware of all the gifts we have been given in this life that are right in front of us. And she starts the challenge with herself…she begins keeping a written log and sets out to write 1000 things for which she is thankful…and not just write them down, but reflect on them, meditate on them, live them, talk about them, and actually experience them fully present in the moment. Wow!

In addition to reading this book, we did a little digging into the scientific literature on gratitude, and discovered that there are brilliant psychologists including Robert Emmons, Michael McCullough, and Barbara Fredrickson to name a few, who are devoting much of their research careers to studying positive emotions including gratitude or the ability to be thankful. Let us share with you a few of the findings. First of all, gratitude is what is known as a feeling that expands, broadens, or grows us in some way – meaning it leads to even greater things. (As a quick aside, we will have to do another post as a contrast to this one on the opposite sort of feelings that restrict and narrow our lives, such as fear and stress/anxiety, that while are important and useful, can also cause us to miss opportunities and much of the beauty of life, especially when they become chronic.) 

But back to expanding us and leading to better things…people who are grateful are both physically and emotionally healthier. That’s right! Their immune systems are stronger, they fight off illness more effectively, and they are less likely to get sick. They also are more optimistic about their present life, and more hopeful about their futures. They see the glass half full! They are more alert, enthusiastic, determined, attentive, and energetic! They are more likely to set and reach goals rather than simply “sleepwalk” or lazily drudge through the daily grind of life. They are also much more likely to be empathic, to see the needs of others, to have stronger bonds with others, and to actually give of themselves to other people, whether it is giving in a practical tangible way or by providing heartfelt emotional caring and support. These things hold true for grateful folks even in the midst of dealing with their own hardship and suffering and illness, and they apply to individuals across the lifespan – children, adolescents, and adults!

The key, though, is that you have to practice gratitude! Because we are bent toward being discontent, we actually have to retrain our brains! And we can! The human brain is amazing that way – we can always build new neural pathways up there, just like building a new highway or road. So instead of worrying all the time, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and viewing daily life in terms of what needs to be changed or fixed, we can LEARN to be more grateful for what is right now in front of us.

So we would like to challenge you to do just that. We have created a list of 30 daily “Thanksgiving” practices – one for each day of the month of November. And we must give credit to Ann Voskamp from whose writings provided much of our inspiration for this list. We strongly encourage writing them down in a journal, discussing them with others, and spending some time actually reflecting or meditating on them.  You can discuss these with your spouse, as a family at meal times, during bedtime rituals and prayers. What we don’t want is for the exercise to be reduced to just thinking them or listing the “gratitudes” in a rote fashion, which can become a more superficial experience where you don’t reap the full benefits of re-wiring your brain and transforming your mind.  Because we have children, we have written these to be kid-friendly so that we can do this with them too; however, we encourage engaging in this practice regardless of whether you have kids or not. For those of you who do, go ahead and practice this with them – help their brains build those neural pathways that lead to a greater sense of peace and fullness.  Model for them what a more grateful, peaceful, content human being looks like. Now let’s do this!

“In All THINGS give thanks…” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

  1. Three things about Fall
  2. Three things orange
  3. Three things about school or work
  4. Three things about home
  5. Three things about nature
  6. Three things blue
  7. Three things about my immediate family
  8. Three things about my extended family
  9. Three things beautiful
  10. Three new things I learned recently
  11. Three activities that are quiet
  12. Three activities that are loud
  13. Three activities I do alone
  14. Three activities done with others
  15. Three things green
  16. Three things ugly
  17. Three things hard to do
  18. Three things easy to do
  19. Three things soft
  20. Three random things that happened today
  21. Three things holy, divine
  22. Three things old
  23. Three things new
  24. Three things funny or entertaining
  25. Three people in my life and why
  26. Three things about myself
  27. Three things yellow
  28. Three things hot
  29. Three things cold
  30. Three things about the holidays

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Welcome to Seeds of Wellness! We are so excited that you are here and want to take this opportunity to tell you what we are all about and how we can help you, if you come hang out with us!

  • We are committed to our own health and that of our families because we are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  Can you relate?
  • We don’t care about counting calories—we care about food quality! 
  • We won’t make you exercise excessively but we will ask you to get outside and have some fun!
  • In fact, we want you to have a good balance of work, rest, and FUN in your life. 
  • We give ourselves (and you too!) permission to not have it all together all the time. 
  • We are weird…different… unconventional, and we give you freedom to be your own authentic self too!
  • We are working toward finding more meaning and joy along the way and will encourage you to do the same! 
  • We believe people need people and that it’s ok to ask for help. 
  • We will support you each step of the way. 
  • We believe our cause is a noble one! (we want women and families to feel better…)
  • We are committed to our own health and that of our families because we are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  Can you relate? 

We are busy! Sometimes too busy. And we have started recognizing that this is an epidemic among our generation of women and families. We are constantly on the go, frazzled, and never feel like we have enough time. The result: too much chronic stress, no real lasting peace, no lasting joy, no energy, and poor quality health! So we have decided to CHANGE! Or at the very least start the process of changing our own lives. We have decided we want our children to have a better legacy than what we have been giving them. And we have quickly figured out lifestyle change is key—meaning better food choices, more activity—and FUN!, better sleep quality,& more time spent doing the things we love with those we love!

  • We don’t care about counting calories—we care about food quality!A few years ago, we began doing a ton of research on the implications of food quality on overall health and well being and discovered that we really are what we eat! If you eat junk, you feel like junk! So, then came the start of our own transformation…we discovered that eating whole, nutrient-rich foods that are not processed or filled with yucky chemicals, GMOs,or hormones, really does make a difference!
  • We won’t make you exercise excessively but we will ask you to get outside and have some fun! You hear that?!! No more being a slave to logging long hours on the treadmill or in the gym! Get outside, enjoy the sunshine, breathe some fresh air, play tag with your kiddos, go for a long walk in the park, swim, jump in the lake, ride your bike….you get the idea?
  • In fact, we want you to have a good balance of work, rest, and FUN in your life. Balance…now that’s an idea…we often struggle with this one the most. Life is just not as neat and orderly and balanced as we want it to be is it? It’s messy…especially when you throw families and kiddos and jobs in the mix. However, having balance or working toward balance is a value we will be striving toward–and that means making some BIG changes in how we approach our daily lives. Some things may have to go…get the HAMMER, get axed…we may have to say “NO” more often! We might also have to be more mindful about what we say “YES” to. Taking daily quiet time to reflect, meditate, pray…starting the day out right…cutting out the multi-tasking with our iPhones, iPads, TVs, and other electronic time suckers! We want to go to bed at night and know that our day was spent engaging in the people and the activities that we care about most…those pieces of our lives that really give us that sense of purpose and meaning and joy…
  • We give ourselves (and you too!) permission to not have it all together all the time. That’s right—we don’t have it all figured out and won’t claim to! Getting the life you want and out of the rat-race is a process…a journey…we just decided to start moving in that direction and will encourage you to do the same.
  • We are weird…different… unconventional, and we give you freedom to be your own authentic self too! Is there anything else to say here? It’s true…ask our friends.
  • We are working toward finding more meaning and joy along the way and will encourage you to do the same! With the risk of sounding redundant, we simply want more meaning and joy in life…we don’t want to feel like our daily lives are filled with a bunch of mindless tasks or like we are just “spinning our wheels” all the time. We want to know in our heart of hearts that we are pursuing a life that is worthwhile. This means really spending some time clarifying what we value and making sure our daily activities line up with those things. This, too, is a process but we are getting there.
  • We believe people need people and that it’s ok to ask for help. We live in a culture that prides itself on being individualistic and perfectionistic…so it can take a lot of courage and vulnerability to reach out for support. We recognize that and want you to know we have been there too…in that place where we were hiding and pretending to have it all together…and what we’ve realized is that things typically tend to feel a lot better when we do life together…when we are true and real with ourselves and others…showing the good, the bad, and the ugly…all of it. We all have different strengths and we truly believe that we are each given those different gifts and talents to serve each other and help one another along. So…just know that when you work with us, you can guarantee that we will support you with NO JUDGEMENT!
  • We will support you each step of the way. That’s right…EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE WAY, YOU WILL HAVE US…to provide you with education,  recipes, workouts, weekly & monthly goals, meal plans, and practical tips on how to add more fun and meaning back into your life. We will meet you where you are and work collaboratively with you to help you upgrade your health, feel less stress, and have more joy!
  • We believe our cause is a noble one. We want women and families to feel better…and so what we want you to hear is that you really can create the life you want. You don’t have to settle or remain stuck. Small daily choices go a LONG way and again, we are here to help you get there. Our goal is to help all women and families, and we have a particularly strong passion for these three groups of women: (1) Women who are trying to get pregnant, (2), Women who are pregnant and want to feel their best, and (3) Busy moms. SO COME JOIN US! We are here for you!